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On World Health and Safety at Work Day – The Azkoyen Group emphasises the importance of safety management in the work context

Grupo Azkoyen | On World Health and Safety at Work Day – The Azkoyen Group emphasises the importance of safety management in the work context
28 Apr 2021
  • In the midst of Covid-19, the company is promoting its access and time control solutions to ensure user security and staff traceability.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has proclaimed 28 April as World Health and Safety at Work Day, a day to promote safe, healthy and dignified work and to foster a culture of health and safety at work.

In a climate such as the current one, influenced by the situation caused by Covid-19, the Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, has continued to innovate and to provide its customers with various solutions to help companies manage their time, their staff and ensure the safety of their employees through innovations, through its primion/Digitek brands.

New security solutions for new ways of working

These are solutions that protect employees against possible infection and ensure traceability. An example of this is prime Visit, a solution that, by installing a special camera with thermal technology at the entry point, allows the body temperature of each person passing through the entry point to be measured. If the body temperature is above a certain value, the system automatically blocks the entrance.

On another front, the PSM2200 plataform, monitors the number of people present in a company and tracks social distancing of their movements via surveillance cameras. In addition, the system has alarms activated to prevent overcrowding at events.

Meanwhile, Prime WebTime Mobile is a control and registration application that allows the automatic control of the hours worked both inside and outside the company through the entering of the data by the employee via a smartphone. It also allows the employee’s availability to be checked and to see who is in the office at any given time, which helps trace attendance in the event of Covid cases being detected.

Jorge Pons, Managing Director of the Time & Security Division of the Azkoyen Group stated that: “Our strength lies in creating integrated, ad hoc access control solutions for each of our clients to ensure user security and efficient management. We are at a time when new ways of working are emerging, and through the primion-Digitek brand we work to meet and anticipate the needs of the market to ensure the efficiency of our clients and their teams”.

Europe is moving towards a hybrid model that demands that the culture of the company be adapted, and the situation has posed some challenges for companies related to productivity, control of working time and work-life balance, among others.

The pandemic has exposed the health and safety needs inside and outside the workplace.
Therefore, now more than ever it is important to emphasise the access control and time and attendance solutions developed by the company, especially at a time when teleworking is more common than in-person work.