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Azkoyen Group and Wipay have developed a unique solution that allows the integration of all payment methods

Grupo Azkoyen | Azkoyen Group and Wipay have developed a unique solution that allows the integration of all payment methods
6 Feb 2024
  • This collaboration will enable the integration of coin, banknote, credit card, and other electronic payment methods into Cashlogy PayNXT.

Azkoyen Group, a leading multinational technology company, and Wipay, a specialized payment solutions company, signed a collaboration agreement to integrate all payment methods into Cashlogy PayNXT. With this partnership, a unique solution in the market has been developed, allowing users to make purchases with coins, banknotes, credit cards, or cashless devices without the need for physical intervention from a store employee.

This is an all-in-one automated solution perfect for businesses looking to professionalize their operations and offer their customers a modern, simple, and comprehensive payment system. Its implementation not only improves the user experience but also enhances the operational efficiency of establishments. It’s important to note that comprehensive automation reduces waiting times, increases transaction accuracy, facilitating cash reconciliation by minimizing errors, and prevents internal theft. Additionally, this new solution provides real-time information on cash and cashless movements through the Cashlogy app. All of this frees up staff to focus their time on other tasks.

The agreement was signed at Azkoyen Group’s headquarters and involved Juanje Alberdi, the company’s CEO, and Manuel Santiago, CEO of Wipay.

“Integrating all payment methods into our Cashlogy PayNXT solution is another step towards our continuous innovation to simplify people’s daily lives and promote the business development of our clients. The agreement with Wipay complements the work of our R&D+i team and provides us with valuable technological solutions,” commented Juanje Alberdi.

On the other hand, Manuel Santiago, CEO of Wipay, stated: “This agreement with Azkoyen Group is another step in our goal of bringing the technological solutions we develop to the market, facilitating various payment methods.”

More information about Wipay:

Wipay, a trade name of Global Payment Systems, is a European company specializing in payment solutions belonging to the Petroprix Group. Its payment ecosystem revolves around omnichannelity, security, and speed, allowing its solution to be implemented in all verticals where the current European financial system is not efficient enough. Thanks to the license granted by the Bank of Spain and its effective integration into Android terminals, it offers a comprehensive acquiring system that covers both in-person transactions (Card Present) and e-commerce operations (Card Not Present) for the 27 countries of the European Union. With offices in Jaén, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Medellín, and Santiago de Chile and more than 200 employees, the group consists of several companies that operate various lines of business.