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Grupo Azkoyen presents Creos, the newest banknote reader in the market

Grupo Azkoyen | Grupo Azkoyen presents Creos, the newest banknote reader in the market
3 Jul 2018


  • As a result of reducing fraud to the fullest and minimizing the vandalism effect, Creos becomes a market benchmark.

AZKOYEN GROUP, a Spanish multinational company based in Navarra and specialised in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced technological solutions, has presented Creos, the new banknote reader for the Vending sector, under the Coges brand.

The Payment Technologies division has exhibited this latest evolution of the previous Lithos model at the international fair Venditalia, held in Milan from June 6th to June 9th.

Creos manages to bring reliability and safety to the highest levels as a result of the latest upgrades of its parts. Even in those cases of high stress conditions and persistent over time, the banknote reader can maintain very high recognition standards, guaranteeing a continuity of work higher than other banknote readers without interrupting sales, and offering greater satisfaction to the end customer.

Creos is capable of recognizing the alignment of banknotes and reading the entire surface of the same with total accuracy, minimizing fraud and reducing the effects of vandalism actions thanks to the incorporation of nine high-precision optical signals, an anti-extraction optical system to avoid fraudulent banknote withdrawal, a teller sensor and, also, a drainage system for protection against liquid entry.

In addition, the reader may be completely disassembled for its easy maintenance and cleaning and programmed with a simple USB pendrive thanks to the integrated port.