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Azkoyen Group, a key player in airport security

Grupo Azkoyen | Azkoyen Group, a key player in airport security
3 Aug 2021
  • Access gate control, flight monitoring, visitor management, time recording, and identity management systems are the main security solutions that Azkoyen Group manages and develops at airports
  • The company, through its division primion Technology, is leader in security at strategic points such as German airports, Armed Forces installations or banks, among other institutions

With the relaxation of movement restrictions, both within and outside Europe, many people have already booked their air travel in order to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, despite the fact that many cities and countries still have restrictive policies for crossing their boundaries. The security is a key element when travelling, that is why there are systems that guarantee the safety and protection of travellers and airport staff.

The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, offers its customers integrated airport security solutions through primion, the brand of the Time & Security division, one of the leading providers of access control technology, time recording and European security.

Access gate control, both in the terminals as in throughout the airport, flight monitoring, visitor management, staff identification, time record and credential management systems are the main security solutions that Azkoyen Group manages and develops at all airports in Germany. These are solutions that help to increase the efficiency of processes, save costs, as well as increase the security throughout the airport territory, thanks to the automation processes in real time.


Cutting-edge technology to deal with COVID-19

In public spaces, in companies and especially in environments with a large number of people such as airports, it is essential to develop strict safety protocols. An example of this is the Azkoyen Group´s cutting-edge thermal technology, which ensures the protection of employees and visitors. One of the solutions best suited to the current context is the installation of a special camera with thermal technology at the access building point. Each person passing through this point is automatically detected by the camera and the body temperature is measured. If the body temperature exceeds a certain value, the system automatically blocks the access.

Jorge Pons, General Manager of the Time & Security Division of the Azkoyen Group said:  “Our primion brand strength resides in creating integrated access control solutions ad hoc for each of our costumers in order to guarantee the security of employers and travellers. To that end, we take care of all the process, since the planification, the installation and the maintenance of the process, always ensuring the existing protocols and regulations to offer exceptional protection and efficiency to our customers. An example of this is our work Frankfurt airport, where we currently process 160.000 flights per year at 170 gates through our access control system.”


Airport solutions focused on people´s security

The control access and the good card management are crucial to guarantee the security for all those people who travel by plane, both of staff as well as users and travellers.

primion Technology, Azkoyen Group division, is one of the main providers of access control technology, time recording and European security, and it has a high presence in Germany. In this country, the company has carried out work key installations as the Deutsche Telekom and The Armed Forces, as well as the entire development of access control in all Berlin airports. The group has a solid agreement with the German capital’s airports for the supply of hardware and services for people access.

Through technology, efficiency and a forward-looking attitude, the Azkoyen Group under the primion brand has been providing leading solutions in automated products and services such as access control, physical security information management and time and attendance for more than 25 years.