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Electronic Shareholders’ Forum

In compliance with Article 539.2 of the Capital Company Act, the Board of Directors approved the Regulations governing the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum in order to facilitate communications between the Company’s shareholders upon the convening and prior to the holding of each General shareholders’ meeting.
These Regulations govern the conditions under which the Company’s Electronic Shareholders’ Forum (the “Forum”) is to be set up and made available by the Company, as well as the guarantees and terms and conditions for access and use by the Company’s shareholders and any voluntary associations that may be organized according to current law.
According to these regulations, registered users may only publish on the Forum messages with the following objectives:
Proposals that are intended to be presented as complements to the agenda announced at the time the General shareholders’ meeting is convened.

Requests to subscribe to these proposals.

Initiatives to reach the required percentage in order to exercise a minority right, as stipulated by Law.

Offers or requests for voluntary representation
With the intent of complementing and developing the Forum Regulations, the Rules for Use of the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum have also been published. These shall govern aspects not covered by the Regulations.
Electronic Shareholders’ Forum Regulaons [PDF]
Rules for Use of the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum [PDF]
The request to access the Forum  represents the user’s full, unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions included in the current version in force of the Rules for Forum Use, the Company’s Electronic Shareholders’ Forum Regulations, the Privacy policies and the conditions for accessing and using the Company’s corporate website.
Access for registered users