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Ownership Structure of the Company

1. General Information about the share capital and the stock exchanges where the shares are listed

The share capital of Azkoyen, S.A. amount to €14,670,000 and consisted of 24,450,000 stock shares of €0.60 per value each, represented by book entries. All stock shares are fully subscribed and paid common with identical rights and a single class and series.

Azkoyen, S.A. is listed on the Madrid and Bilbao Stock Exchanges and its shares trade on the Spanish computerized trading system (continuous market).


2. Significant Holdings

The following table contains a summary of those shareholders who, directly or indirectly, have a significant holding in the share capital according to the requirements of the Royal Decree 377/1991 dated the 15th of March. The table has been prepared based on the information held by the company and that communicated to the National Securities Market Commission ( CNMV ).

Shareholder% direct voting rights% indirect voting rights% total voting rights
Inverlasa, S.L.028.7728.77
Ms. Carolina Masaveu Herrero010.5210.52
Mr. Ignacio Suárez-Zuloaga Gáldiz0.107.948.04
Santander Asset Management, S.A., SGIIC06.406.40
Indumenta Pueri, S.L.05.555.55
La Previsión Mallorquina de Seguros, S.A.5.1605.16
Ms. María Carmen Troyas Careaga5.550.015.07


3. Shares participation of the board

Name% direct voting rights% indirect voting rights% total voting rights
Berkinvest Capital, S.L.10.64010.64
Berkelium, S.L.10.8410.6421.48
Europroperty, S.L.8.1808.18
Mr. Arturo Leyte Coello0.015.215.22
Mr. Marco Adriani000
Mr. Pablo Cervera Garnica0.0100.01
Mr. Diego Fontán Zubizarreta0.6110.2310.84
Mr. Darío Vicario Ramírez000
Mr. Eduardo Unzu Martínez000

4. Company’s Treasury Stock

The company recognises the ownership of its own shares in its Treasury stock.

% direct voting rights% indirect voting rights% total voting rightsDate of last notification to CNMV
0.21100.211Jul 12, 2019