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The Azkoyen Group enhances its access and time control solutions to ensure user security and staff traceability

Grupo Azkoyen | The Azkoyen Group enhances its access and time control solutions to ensure user security and staff traceability
2 Sep 2021

More than a year has passed since staff began working remotely from home and many companies have now opted for a gradual and voluntary return of employees to the office or a combination of both ways of working.And throughout this time, and in order to adapt to the current situation, the Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, has continued to innovate and provide its customers with different solutions to help companies manage their staff’s time and guarantee the safety and traceability of their employees in the face of possible infections.

In the case of Navarra, where the group has its headquarters and origin, 23% of the employees have the possibility of working from home which is above the Spanish average, according to a survey conducted by Telefónica and the DYM Institute among 542,122 Spanish SMEs. In contrast, the use of home-based work in companies or institutions has dropped by 17.2% in 2021, almost by half compared to that in 2020, according to the study ‘Working conditions and health after one year of the pandemic’, carried out by Istas-CCOO and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Jorge Pons, Managing Director of the Time & Security Division of the Azkoyen Group stated that: “Our strength lies in creating integrated, ad hoc access control solutions for each of our clients to ensure user security and efficient management. We are at a time when new ways of working are emerging, and through the primion-Digitek brand we are working to meet and anticipate the needs of the market to ensure the efficiency of our clients and their teams”.

New solutions for a new reality

The company, through its primion subsidiary, one of Europe’s leading providers of access control, time recording and security technology, has implemented a number of solutions tailored to the current situation. An example of this is prime Visit, a solution that automates visitor management quickly and efficiently. It has the advantage that it can be incorporated into Outlook, facilitating the management of visitors’ invitations, monitoring access and saving the history of the employees who invited them, as well as the time of their visit.  And within the current environment, this technology can be used to limit or give access to certain areas of a company, allowing effective visitor management during any emergency that may arise within the company, as well as monitoring the history of people who have been in a certain room.

Also, the PSM2200 Plataform, is a system that concentrates all the signals from the security systems of a building (fire, intruder, access control and video alarms) and is intended to be a single control centre for the security of a building or its surroundings. In addition, it allows the number of people present in a company and the social distancing of their movements to be monitored through surveillance cameras.
It also has alarms activated to avoid overcrowding at events.

Prime Mobile is a web application available for iOS, Android and Windows and is fully adapted for use on mobile devices. Prime Mobile allows employees to access their work schedules and perform various work-related functions such as reporting an absence, clocking in or checking their timesheets, holidays, etc. All this with the added convenience of being able to do so from anywhere, thereby increasing flexibility in the workplace.

Spain is moving towards a hybrid model that demands that the culture of the company be adapted, and the situation has posed some challenges for companies related to productivity, control of working time and work-life balance, among others.