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The Azkoyen Group launches Prime CertifiedAccess which validates Covid certificates for office access control

Grupo Azkoyen | The Azkoyen Group launches Prime CertifiedAccess which validates Covid certificates for office access control
prime CertifiedAccess
30 Mar 2022

The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, is launching its new prime CertifiedAccess solution through the group’s German subsidiary, primion, which allows the automatic validation and matching of COVID vaccination certificates for controlling employee access to company premises. It also records test results (antigen or PCR) via a QR code or through the reception staff. An important feature, especially in those companies where employees need to be tested on a recurring basis in order to carry out their work.

It is a software application that compares the data with the access authorisations stored in the system, to assess whether the dates of these authorisations are valid, allowing or denying access to the premises.

A solution born out of the need to adapt to the current situation caused by the pandemic, which is a challenge for companies. Its advantages include the guarantee of secure and simple check-in without long queues at the office entrance, the streamlining and digitalisation of the various scenarios where check-in is required, as well as the automatic updating of the various configuration options in the event of legal changes.

Jorge Pons, Managing Director of the Time & Security Division of the Azkoyen Group stated that: “Our strength lies in creating integrated, ad-hoc access control solutions to ensure user security and efficient management. At a time when new needs are arising, the company continues to innovate and provide customers with a range of solutions, via our primion/Digitek brands, in order to help companies manage their time and staff and guarantee the safety of their associates”.

A reliable solution adapted to these new times

The optional module for the access control system is designed to be intuitive to use and efficient. Optimal security is guaranteed during the check-in process. Lastly, the certificate that has been registered is compared with the authorisations stored within the system; if the certificate is not valid, access will not be granted.

This solution allows the Covid certificate to be validated through a number of different ways, either through pre-registration, where employees can check their certificates at home, on a computer, Smartphone or Tablet, using a QR code. And with the prime AccessCertificate, the employee can check the validity of the certificate on the spot at the entrance to the premises by showing his or her ID.

Both options can be configured easily, securely and quickly. In addition, it allows any information on new tests or vaccines to be stored and checked during the check-in process.