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Azkoyen celebrates more than 1000 days without an accident

Grupo Azkoyen | Azkoyen celebrates more than 1000 days without an accident
11 Oct 2017

– Azkoyen celebrated “Occupational Hazard Prevention Week” with 1061 accident-free days

– Activities and training were held to prevent workplace accidents at the work centres belonging to the Azkoyen Group


The Azkoyen Group, the Spanish multinational technology company with headquarters in Navarre, specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced technology solutions held its “Occupational Hazard Prevention Week” on 2-6 October to commemorate more than 1000 days without a workplace accident resulting in medical leave from the plant. Specifically, there have been 1061 days since an accident.

The Occupational Hazard Prevention department at the Azkoyen Group has scheduled several activities to celebrate the 1000 days since an accident involving medical leave. Several activities related to the prevention of occupational hazards and workplace safety were held over the course of the week. Informational panels were also set up to continuously display information on the topic. Continuing with the training activities, a “Back School” was organised with the participation of physical therapists, who helped employees at the Peralta plant with a history of back problems or who work in positions that require the handling of heavy loads or that entail posture-related risks, showing them how to acquire healthy habits and improve their posture during their daily tasks. Different health professionals also participated, giving talks on psychosocial risks in the context of the psychosocial risk evaluations they have conducted over the past year in all departments of the company. Training was also given to a team of 50 employees responsible for evacuations as part of the updating of the emergency plan, recently updated as the result of the work done in all the buildings at the Peralta factory last summer. All these activities are intended to reduce workplace accidents and improve safety levels.

Human Resources Director Óscar González and Occupational Hazard Prevention Department Manager Iñigo Ayesa have stated that the historic landmark of 1000 days without an accident involving time off work is the result of many years of effort and investment in the area of prevention, which has managed to instil a culture of prevention throughout the organisation, resulting in these terrific results.

The week dedicated to the prevention of occupational hazards ended with an evacuation drill.