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The Azkoyen Group presents its new products in the USA

Grupo Azkoyen | The Azkoyen Group presents its new products in the USA
16 Nov 2022
  • CTW 2022 was held in Las Vegas on 14 and 15 November
  • The company unveiled their new Vitro X5 model which includes the dual ability to prepare both Espresso and Fresh-brew coffee

The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational that provides automated products and services designed to bring unique experiences to people in their daily lives, attended CTW (Coffee, Tea & Water) 2022, which takes place every year in the USA. This event is a new meeting point for operators and professionals who offer non-attended solutions for workplaces and public spaces.

This event, which brings together major companies from the world of coffee, tea, water and convenience services, unfolded via educational programmes, exhibitions and new experiences such as the Imagination Way and the Workplace Innovation Summit.

Within this framework, the Azkoyen Group presented the dual version of its successful coffee brewer that makes it possible to prepare both espresso and fresh-brew coffee, which is very popular among American consumers. The patented AZKV30 brewer, with a variable chamber, allows the preparation of both recipes using the same technology, obtaining exquisite brewing results in the cup.

The Group also showed off its new Vitro X5 model with two coffee grinders equipped with the new dual coffee extraction technology, allowing operators to achieve with a single machine what they previously needed to do with two, improving their operating costs and environmental impact by reducing their carbon footprint by half.

According to Juanje Alberdi, CEO of the Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies divisions: “Presenting our products at CTW 2022 is crucial for the introduction of our brand in the USA as we continue to expand our philosophy and business model beyond our borders. More and more markets are being added to our internationalisation strategy and the American market is a key one for the company’s expansion. At the Azkoyen Group we work tirelessly to continue to show the world our technology, our knowledge about consumers and our motivation to improve the business of operators while increasing the quality and innovation of our products.”