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ADT 1100 Design terminal from Azkoyen Group for all basic Time recording, Factory data collection and Access control functions

Grupo Azkoyen | ADT 1100 Design terminal from Azkoyen Group for all basic Time recording, Factory data collection and Access control functions
20 Sep 2017

High quality production with glass front panel, and an integrated fingerprint and/or RFID reader.

Azkoyen Group, a Spanish multinational based in Navarra, has taken yet another step forward with regard to its access control and security systems. The group will see the the product launch of primion’s new powerful and versatile ADT 11×0 product family for Time recording, Factory data collection and Access control next Autumn.

All the terminals will be characterised by their fresh, contemporary design. One of the highlights is the 7″ display, which, with its capacitive touchscreen, gives the terminals their simple and intuitive operation. The easy care front panel made of safety glass fits cleanly into the compact construction and is enclosed in a high quality aluminium frame.

For fast and accurate data recording, users identify themselves uniquely to the system through either the integrated fingerprint or RFID reader. If required, the fingerprint and RFID readers can be combined to enable bookings to be made using fingerprint verification.

Starting with the ADT 1150, the glass front can be tilted, in order to increase the user ergonomics and for example, to counteract reflections that may be caused by adverse lighting conditions. As standard, the network integration of terminals is done using the on-board Gigabit Ethernet module or alternatively, through the integrated RS485 interface. This makes the ADT 11×0 ideally suitable for new or legacy installations, where existing devices have to be replaced.

Depending on the circumstances of the installation, the Advanced Data Terminals can be powered using an external low voltage supply, e.g. 12 VDC, through the on-board 100 – 240 VAC power supply unit or through PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). A back-up power supply can ensure several hours of continued data recording in the case of a power outage.

The product launch scheduled for Autumn 2017 will start with the ADT 1100, which is designed for a target group whose requirements can be fulfilled by the simple functions offered by the basic model. The ADT 1100 is user-optimised for basic Time recording functions such as Arrival, Departure, Business and Break bookings, together with account status displays. To this end, the display layout has been kept as straightforward and intuitive as possible with simple function buttons, a clear graphic display and white text on a black background.

With its colour display, the ADT 1150 supports enhanced Time recording and Data collection functions such as absence notifications, cost-centre changes, extended SAP booking types, project bookings as well as Workflow options for booking vacation or other absences, for example. In addition, the ADT 1150 will support pkt Master reader functions and will be able to write or modify on-card access rights for offline components such as electronic door terminals and cylinders.

The ADT 1180 will follow in 2018 and in addition to the features offered by the ADT 1150, it will also have integrated Access control functions with two inputs and a relay output for door control and monitoring. It will also be possible to connect two additional external readers to the ADT 1180.

Summary: With the ADT 11×0 Advanced Data Terminals range, data will be collected quickly and conveniently and transmitted securely to a corresponding evaluation software such as prime WebSystems for further processing.  In addition, and thanks to the integrated REST Web Services communication, the terminals can also be integrated into many other IT solutions.