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Vending areas, one of the key meeting points in the office workplace

Grupo Azkoyen | Vending areas, one of the key meeting points in the office workplace
30 Sep 2021
  •  Within the context of Covid-19, more than ever, socialising and taking a break in the office over a coffee or snack is key to creating a good working environment and improving team productivity

The new reality means that many workers are returning to their jobs and meeting their colleagues again after many months. Encounters at the vending machines that are an invitation to chat and catch up over a coffee or a snack. Therefore, one of the liveliest spaces in the office is found around the vending areas.

This is a time to socialise and even to disconnect and rest and it has a very positive influence on employees and the company itself, especially in terms of strengthening the sense of teamwork, creating a good working atmosphere, encouraging the creation and exchange of ideas and helping to increase productivity.

According to the latest survey by the business consultancy, Clutch, 39% of the workers interviewed say that having a meeting point, such as the one offered by vending areas, is the most important element of the workplace.

With this in mind, the Azkoyen Group works to create unique unattended sales experiences via its vending and coffee machines.

The power behind the coffee machine

Coffee has many benefits and some of them have to do with people’s performance, with several studies confirming that workers are more efficient if they have a coffee machine in the office. Data taken from a study by the London School of Public Health and Medicine, which states that when caffeine enters the body it helps to reduce work errors and improves performance for every shift, especially for night workers.

An efficient, automatic service provides a fast and pleasant break for recharging the batteries. That is why the company works every day to innovate and meet the needs of users.
An example of this is the recent launch of the Vitro X1 MIA automatic fresh milk coffee machine that incorporates Vitro’s innovative Micro Injected Air Technology (MIA) patented by Azkoyen. This allows the user to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent foam that maximises the quality of the drink.

In addition, this machine offers a wide selection of espresso drinks from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos, as well as delicious chocolates to suit every consumer’s taste.
In addition to the many advantages of MIA, it is also possible to prepare tea and infusions to taste, thanks to the separate hot water service points.

And in order to meet the needs of the current environment, in terms of user safety and hygiene, this model allows product selection without any contact with the surface thanks to the patented Distance Selection technology, which allows the user to select the product from a safety distance of up to 2 centimetres without any contact with the surface of the machine.

The Azkoyen Group has more than seventy-five years of experience in the development of technological innovations and that is why it offers solutions for companies and offices, hotels, convenience stores, transport and leisure, as well as public buildings in order to provide its customers with unique consumption experiences via its range of self-service vending machines.