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The Azkoyen Group launches its compact Vitro X1 espresso machine with the patented Distance Selection technology

Grupo Azkoyen | The Azkoyen Group launches its compact Vitro X1 espresso machine with the patented Distance Selection technology
24 Nov 2020
  • Its compact design and features make it the perfect choice for medium sized offices and hotels, convenience stores and petrol stations
  • The Distance Selection technology allows products to be selected in coffee machines without the need to touch any surfaces, thereby providing safety and hygiene in the purchasing process

The Azkoyen Group, a Spanish technology multinational based in Navarra, which specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced technological solutions, launches its new Vitro X1 coffee machine. It is a compact model, elegant and contemporary, for places with medium demand that seek to offer high quality drinks, together with the best user experience.

The Vitro X1 is an intuitive machine, easy to clean and maintain, which has been designed to adapt to a variety of business models offering a wide range of payment options for the consumer. It is also noteworthy for its variety of operating modes such as the AZK V30, patented by Azkoyen. This is a variable chamber pre-infusion and dispensing system that extracts the maximum taste and aroma with a perfect creaminess from any blend of roasted coffee.

This feature allows the intensity of the coffee to be adapted to the consumer’s taste, meaning that the Vitro X1 offers an optimal coffee experience, from the grinding of the beans until it reaches the cup in a matter of seconds. After all, coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks in Europe and forms part of the social culture. According to data from the European Coffee Federation, Europe is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, accounting for 30% of the total market.

In addition to dispensing a wide range of coffee drinks based on espresso, the Vitro X1 offers delicious hot chocolates.

Given its characteristics, the Vitro X1 is designed for environments with a consumption of up to 150 cups a day, making it suitable for locations such as offices, medium-sized hotels, convenience stores and petrol stations.

Furthermore, this new model from the successful Vitro series is adapted to the current situation that requires greater safety and hygiene in the purchasing process, allowing products to be selected without contact with any surfaces, thanks to the new Distance Selection technology, also patented by Azkoyen. This technology allows the user to select the product from a safety distance of up to 2 centimetres without having to touch the surface of the machine.

It will be launched worldwide and the first phase of marketing will begin in Europe.

New solutions focused on user safety

The Azkoyen Group creates innovative products related to coffee machines, vending machines, payment systems and control and security systems, applying the best technology to each situation. This launch underlines the company’s commitment to preventing and reducing the risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses, especially in the current climate of Covid-19.

In this regard, to guarantee the safety of everyone, the Azkoyen Group has solutions that allow payments to be made by mobile phone. Pay4Vend, developed by Coges, the Italian subsidiary of the Azkoyen Group. It works as a virtual wallet that is stored within the application in an encrypted format. Thus, the user can recharge their credit directly in the automatic distributor or, if preferred, with credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay.