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The Azkoyen Group introduces the Vitro Fresh Milk and the Pay4Vend application at the Venditalia exhibition in Milan

Grupo Azkoyen | The Azkoyen Group introduces the Vitro Fresh Milk and the Pay4Vend application at the Venditalia exhibition in Milan
6 May 2016

– Following market trends, the new Vitro Fresh Milk model is launched

– Coges, the Azkoyen Group payment methods brand, introduces the Pay4Vend application for paying at Vending machines


Azkoyen Group, the Spanish multinational specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced technological solutions, presented its new Vitro Espresso Fresh-milk, Vitro Max and Zintro series, as well as the new digital price and touch technology features at Venditalia, the most important exhibition for the vending industry in Italy which took place on 4 – 7 May.
In relation to hot drinks, the Azkoyen Group introduced the new Vitro Espresso Fresh-milk model, which uses fresh milk for the preparation of Coffee to Go style beverages, following market trends, and the Vitro Max line, of a larger capacity, which complements the successful Vitro series and that has achieved huge success in Europe and has become the most popular OCS/dispensing machine model in the British vending industry. Some specific models in the series include a multimedia screen with wifi technology to display product information, company announcements, etc.
Zintro, meanwhile, is a compact machine manufactured for locations with medium-level consumption and has 6 product hoppers and a 500 cup capacity in both its versions, Espresso and Instant. With a minimalist, compact, ergonomic and intuitive design, it attracts attention from consumers and can thus increase impulse sales. The Zintro has been launched in America and Spain in the first phase. and will be available for other countries in the future monthd. Vitro and Zintro are compatible with the Button Barista App, designed by Azkoyen, which allows services to be customised for the final consumer, allowing the coffee strength, the volume of water or milk and the amount of sugar to be adjusted to suit their taste by means of their Smartphone.
For the snacks and food machines, the Azkoyen Group introduced the digital price system and the touch-pad. The first allows the on-line display and modification of prices and messages to be associated with each product in 8 different colours. In this way the user can easily identify the different types of products: healthy, promotions, special offers by expiry date, low-calorie, fresh produce etc. The Touch keyboard for product selection, on the other hand, is a method to boost sales, associating the direct selections to products with a higher margin or to several products at once (menu option). Both applications allow the operator to obtain greater income per machine.
In addition, the Azkoyen Group under the Coges brand of technological solutions for payment methods, introduced various innovative products, such as the Pay4Vend application, available in both GooglePlay and Apple Store, which is designed to pay for any product from a vending machine via a Smartphone. The Pay4Vend increases sales by reducing purchases not made due to lack of coins and lets the operator create loyalty programmes for the user.
Coges also introduced E.C.S Air, an MDB cashless system which supports both MyKey and Mifare technology. E.C.S. Air is a small integrated device, equipped with all the essential functions of a vending management system. Visitors were also able to learn about BTDataKey, a device in the form of an electronic key which records the accounting data of a payment system and sends them to a Smartphone or PDA via a Bluetooth connection.
The Unica change giving coin mechanism, meanwhile, provides the operator with a single product which includes a reliable coin mechanism, a cashless system and a fully integrated accounting data unit. Its main strengths are the new method of coin recognition in the tubes and the user interface, consisting of icons that lets you know at a glance the number of coins there are in the 6 tube containers and make a quick and intuitive programming.
Venditalia Milan is the most important international event in the vending industry, eagerly anticipated by all those in the Worldwide Vending market and where the most innovative technological solutions are launched. The top professionals and industry-related international companies were present at the exhibition.