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Óscar González, Human Resources Director of the Azkoyen Group, named Europe’s best HR director, according to HRO magazine

Grupo Azkoyen | Óscar González, Human Resources Director of the Azkoyen Group, named Europe’s best HR director, according to HRO magazine
21 Nov 2017

– International recognition has been given to the Aztalento and Az Go on: boost our improvement personnel management programmes

.-  Óscar González Undiano, Human Resources Director of the Azkoyen Group, has been recognised as the best human resources director in the “For Profit” category by the Services and Technology Association’s HRO Today Magazine, and ShareXpertis, a worldwide reference for human resource leaders. The HRO forum gathered distinguished experts and personnel management professionals in Dublin, where they were able to share their practices and methodologies in human resources.

Óscar González Undiano was chosen from among 30 candidates to receive this recognition at a European level for his management and commitment, for knowing how to manage the crisis situations the company has experienced and for building a personnel management model that contributes to Azkoyen’s entrepreneurial drive through the efforts of the Group’s employees. The panel of judges also valued the effectiveness of the methodologies implemented by the company.

For the final decision, both the scope and the commitment to business development were also taken into account, through the development of the organisation and its employees, implementing “best practices” in the management of human capital. Among the many different actions Azkoyen has carried out, especially noteworthy is the scope of the “Aztalento” and “Az Go on: boost our improvement” projects.

The “Aztalento” project, whose name is a combination of ‘Azkoyen’ and ‘Talent’, is based on Azkoyen’s staff and its capacity to translate it skills and competences into corporate talent to generate value. With this project, the Group integrated a focus based on the objective measurement of KPIs in all areas of personnel management, which has enabled it to standardise languages, criteria and methodologies throughout the company. In addition, the “AZ GO ON: boost our improvement” project implemented internal promotions, mentorship programmes, professional development and training plans.

With this recognition, Óscar González Undiano says he “feels very excited by this award, which will serve as the basis to continue to improve the management of the persons who form the Azkoyen Group. Our challenge is to place the focus on the professional development of our employees”.