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Corporate social responsability

Grupo Azkoyen | Corporate social responsability


We are a Group that works towards business excellence and that actively promotes compliance with national and international norms and recommendations related to the different aspects or dimensions of our economic activities.

Quality in what we do, transparency in what we report and respect, both for the people and the environment, are the keys to understand our vision in the context of corporate social responsibility.


Quality as an essential part of our organisational culture

Quality needs to be understood not only as it relates to the excellence of our products but also to excellence in our management systems and as the key to the culture of our organization. For this reason we understand as a fundamental requirement our ISO certifications and as a necessity our focus on the EFQM management system.


Transparency as a key contributor to confidence in our organization

As a company quoted on the Madrid stock market the Azkoyen Group rigorously applies the CNMV regulations on financial information and transparency as well as the recommendations on good corporate government as set out by the same entity.


Respect as a commitment of our organization to people and the environment

In addition to the importance we place on the maintenance of our ethical code, we have systematically implemented and maintained the standards OHSAS (Risk Prevention at Work) and ISO 14000 (Management of Environmental Risks) throughout the organisation.