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Design, manufacture and sale on a global scale of vending machines for tobacco, coffee and other hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks and innovative solutions for the vending of other products.

Focused since 1945 on the design, manufacture and sale on a global scale of vending machines. Azkoyen Vending Systems is marked by a strong focus on staying ahead of its customers' needs and demands, aiding and motivating their day-to-day work and helping them respond to changes in consumer lifestyles. Our company, under the brands Azkoyen and Coffetek, offers an innovative, comprehensive product range designed to meet the needs of our customers be they a small office or a major company, a hotelier or a public vending site.

Azkoyen designs and manufactures vending machines and vending solutions that offers maximum return for your business

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Vending Machines, Dispensing, O.C.S.

With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of beverage dispense systems, Coffetek is the best vending manufacturer in the United Kingdom

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Products and Solutions

Tobacco vending machines

Tobacco vending machines

Azkoyen is global leader in tobacco machines, the most technological and innovative vending segment.

Hot Beverages Vending

Hot Beverages Vending

Espresso, leaf tea and instant hot beverages vending machines. As well as a product range for hotels,restaurants and offices.

Cold drinks and Snacks vending machines

Cold drinks and Snacks vending machines

Cold drinks and snacks vending machines, with or without cooler, adaptable to any product format.

Other vending solutions for retail

Other vending solutions for retail

Using automated vending systems allows us to innovate in the retail sector.

Interactive Vending Systems

Interactive Vending Systems

Interactive screens and touchable keyboards are causing a revolution at vending sector.

Vending Modular Systems

Vending Modular Systems

It can combine vending machines connected to a payment module or to a coffee machine.

  • Hot Beverages Vending
  • Tobacco vending machines
  • Cold drinks and Snacks vending machines
  • Other vending solutions for retail
  • Interactive Vending Systems
  • Vending Modular Systems

Statistics that confirm our status:

European market leader in Tobacco machines

More than 3 million operations a day in our vending machines

3 production centres - Spain, The United Kingdom and Colombia

214 employees

More than 20 people work in R & D

More than 30% of the personnel are based outside of Spain

Our Network

Present in more than 50 countries through a network of specialised distributors and direct subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Colombia. Our customer base includes multinational manufacturers of consumer products, major operating companies in vending machine market and companies directly involved in the hotel and restaurant market.