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Mission, Vision & Values

At Azkoyen we strive for excellence in our internal processes , our ambition is to reach the maximum quality in all our productive units. We pay particular attention to people and the environment in which we work as we understand that our way of doing things must be based on professionalism and teamwork.

Our daily activities in the Azkoyen Group are built on the commitment of the organization to its key stakeholders , its clients and its shareholders. We know that our work must demonstrate the three key values : professionalism, integrity and transparency.

We are focused on achieving market leadership in the segments where we operate building on the the three principles of : initiative, vision of future and technological capability. These principles can be directly translated into is our commitments to our customers, our shareholders and society in general.

  • Mission: We develop, produce and market, respecting the environment, advanced technology solutions – for vending markets, payment systems and access security/control – meeting the expectations of our customers, adequately remunerating our shareholders and guaranteeing, thanks to our desire to improve, our future as professional human team.
  • Vision:  Constantly focused on innovation and adding value, we will be a reference worldwide for automated sales and services.
  • Values:

Professionalism: We understand the key of our business. We are rigorous, effective and agile. We pursue improvement relentlessly. We promote transparency and ethical behavior.  

Commitment with Customers: We understand their needs and work to provide excellent products and services.

Commitment to achieve Results: We direct our actions towards the achievement of economic objectives of our business Project and profitability for our shareholders.
Team Spirit: We share a Group Project. We create a respectful work environment based on teamwork, cohesion and communication.  



Code of conduct of the Azkoyen Group