The Azkoyen Group hazard management system granted VdS approval

November 29, 2016

psm2200, the hazard management system from primion Technology AG, subsidiary of the Azkoyen Group, has been awarded VdS approval in accordance with VdS 3534. As part of this approval, conformity with the testing specifications of DIN EN 50518-2 (Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre) was tested and confirmed. 

The Azkoyen Group sponsors The European Vending Experience "EVEX 2016," where it exhibits its latest technological advances

November 24, 2016

- EVEX is an event organized by the European Vending Association (EVA), in collaboration with the French Vending Association (NAVSA), attended by major European operators. 

- Highlights of the products presented include the Vitro S5, Pay4vend, Coges Engine and the Unica change-giver.

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