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Our team

Talent and motivation are necessary elements to transform strategies and targets into results. The Azkoyen Group recognises commitment, personal development and responsibility through a competitive remuneration practice.

The fundamental principles of personnel management within Azkoyen are:

  • Recruit the best professionals, those who wish to share our project, culture and code of conduct.
  • Provide the right working environment and safe working conditions for every employee, conditions which motivate people and encourage the achievement of the corporate objectives.
  • Encourage continuous training and improvement in professional skills.
  • Evaluate on a regular basis the professional performance of every employee to ensure that individual objectives are aligned with those of the company and through such a system encourage the personal and professional development of the individual.
  • Offer opportunities of promotion based on merit, professional capabilities and commitment to corporate goals.
  • Remunerate in an individualised, competitive and equitable form, based on the contribution and performance of each employee.
  • Achieve from each employee, his integration and a clear commitment to the Group as a result of a professional relationship built on clarity, fluency and transparency in all communications.