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Diversity and Equality

In order to guarantee equality of the sexes in the work environment the Azkoyen Group has committed itself to a series of principles that have been developed in order to achieve exactly that objective.

1. To comply at all times with current legislation about equality.

2. To consider in its decisions the principles of equal opportunity for men and women.

3. To guarantee the application of exclusively professional criteria, based on the capabilities and preparedness of the people participating in any selection process.

4. To guarantee the application of equal opportunity in the development and training decisions of the organization.

5. To guarantee equality in compensation for work of equal value.

6. To promote a work environment in which sexual harassment is not accepted, developing a specific procedure to address this issue.

7. To promote working practises which enable the employee to reconcile personal and working life.

8. To encourage a working environment of equality by employee training, through the leadership style of the management team, and discouraging the use of sexist language and images.

9. To facilitate the work of an Equality Committee, assigning the resources necessary for the development of equality plans and verifying on a periodic basis compliance with the established politics.

10. Distribute this policy within and outside of the Group citing it as a clear example of commitment to the goal of transparency in Group activities.