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Azkoyen installs the first 50 vending machines in WESTbahn trains in Austria


The new trains from the Austrian company, Westbahn, already have Azkoyen dispensing machines.


The Azkoyen Group, a Spanish technology multinational with its headquarters in Navarra and specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced technological solutions, has installed the first 50 vending machines in the new Westbahn trains in Austria.

The Azkoyen Group, in partnership with Stadler, the Swiss train manufacturer, and Westbahn, the railway company for passenger transport between Vienna and Salzburg, has already completed 17 vending machine installations for both drinks and snacks on the new trains.

The latest installations have included the Mistral+ H85 model, which is known for being a very robust and flexible snack and cold beverage vending machine, capable of adapting to all types of products and locations.

The renovation plan for Westbahn trains and the introduction of Azkoyen machines in these trains will be continued in 2018 and 2019.

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