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Press dossier

The Azkoyen Group completes the top of its range with the new Novara Double Cup model


- The Novara series is compatible with Pay4Vend, the smart payment solution adapted to the needs of consumers.

- The new model will be presented in Spain, coinciding with the Vendibérica trade fair, which will be held on 18-20 October.

Azkoyen continues to invest in technologies that make it possible to sell gourmet coffee while, at the same time, improving the consumer's experience. This commitment has led Azkoyen to present its new model from the Novara series, which complements the Instant, Espresso and Double Espresso models.

Novara Double Cup was presented exclusively in Cologne last April, taking advantage of Azkoyen's attendance at the German trade fair EU Vend. It will soon be presented in Spain, coinciding with the Vendibérica trade fair to be held on 18-20 October in Madrid.

The new Novara Double Cup model is designed to increase the operator's income by offering a wide range of coffee and other hot drinks, which are available in two different types of cups. It also includes 2 coffee grinders, which makes it possible to offer one type of coffee for more inexpensive selections and a second, higher quality coffee dispensed in a coffee shop-type cup for more expensive selections.

Thanks to the potential of the M03 Horeca Performance grinder and the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso group, the Novara Double Cup offers the Customixer function, which allows the amount of coffee, milk and sugar to be adjusted for each service. This function lets the operator increase sales and the average price with selections such as "Extra Energy" or keep costs low with the "Weak coffee".

Creating market trends, the Novara series has a minimalist, ergonomic design to capture the attention of consumers and increase impulse sales. The user experience also becomes more informational, interactive and intuitive, thanks to the touch keyboard patented by Azkoyen and the display that makes it possible to provide nutritional information and commercial or promotional messages. Novara is a very sturdy machine that is easy to maintain and clean. Its heavy duty tempered glass front is impact and scratch resistant and stands up better over time.

Like the rest of the models in the Novara series, the Double Cup version is compatible with Pay4Vend, the smart payment solution adapted to the needs of consumers, available for iPhone and Android devices. Pay4Vend allows you to interact with customers, simplifying the reimbursement process and posting nutritional values for the products. It also lets you plan marketing and customer loyalty campaigns with gifts, discounts, etc., adapted to each customer.

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