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Coges, Italian subsidiary of the Azkoyen Group, is celebrating its 40th anniversary


-   Coges is a European leader in the design and manufacture of cashless and cash payment systems

-   Eduardo Unzu, Managing Director of Azkoyen Group, as well as the founders of Coges, staff and family members attended the celebrations


Azkoyen Group, a Spanish multinational based in Navarra, recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Italian subsidiary, Coges, which was held at its main office in Schio, Italy.

During the celebration, Eduardo Unzu, Managing Director of Azkoyen Group, was present along with the founders of Coges, Santino Adriani and Galdino Munari, who explained what had inspired them to start a company based on several traits allowing them to consolidate a sound growth in the sector and to become a reference in the international arena, following years of work and innovation. The event was also attended by company employees and their families, who participated in a guided tour of the offices and production facilities.

According to Eduardo Unzu, "the longevity of the company is due to its ability to meet the needs of markets and customers, by innovating and growing over time." Moreover, the Group's leading executive praised the business vision of the founders of Coges, "Coges is an excellent example of how to begin from a good idea, a great product adapted to the specific conditions of the Italian market for vending machines, where it can quickly grow to become profitable," he said.

"This anniversary makes us proud and it is not only the opportune moment to convey to the industry professionals the total satisfaction of the results achieved over the last few years, but, above all, now is the time to assess our past and transform it into an asset again, so as to continue growing," Coges reassured.

Coges is a company that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself, from the first coin recyclers to cashless systems and solutions for smartphones, such as Pay4Vend. With 40 years of experience in the vending sector, Coges is a European leader in the design and manufacture of cashless and cash payment systems. Coges offers excellent and reliable systems, as a result of the ongoing developments of its distinctive competencies, fostering of innovation, embracing of advanced management systems, participating with internal and external collaborators and a consolidated collaborative relationship with key customers and suppliers.

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