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Azkoyen Group will introduce the new POS 1000 model from Cashlogy at the Equipmag Paris Trade Fair


- Azkoyen will demonstrate the features of the new Cashlogy range

- Equipmag is the most important retail fair in France 

Azkoyen Group, Spanish multinational specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced technology solutions, will participate in Equipmag, the biggest Retail fair in France, which will take place in Paris from 12 to 14 September, to demonstrate the features of the new POS 1000 model from Cashlogy, an intelligent system for managing cash at retail outlets.

The new 1000 POS model manages receipt of payments easily and quickly, increasing sales with a more efficient customer service, reducing costs and minimising losses due to the misplacing of money. In addition, Cashlogy improves hygiene since the employees no longer have to handle merchandise and cash at the same time. Furthermore, it intelligently manages the stock of coins and banknotes, minimising the occurrence of change shortages. POS 1000 has a capacity of 650 banknotes and 1785 coins.

The new POS 1000 automatic manager allows different configurations to suit all types of businesses: from attended mode where it is the employee who handles the cash, through to unattended mode where the end customer is the one who enters the notes and coins and collects the change.

More than 25,000 professional visitors will congregate at Equipmag in Paris from 12 to 14 September, bringing together key players in the world of marketing, design and technology, among others. This is the most important event in France for professionals in distribution, Retail and points of sale.

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