Understanding accessibility


Accessibility is defined as the provision of access to information contained on a web page independent of physical limitations (visual, auditory or mobility disability), technological limitations (slow connection, older version of navigator, slow screen, etc.) or of the environment of the users.


At present, millions of people have some type of shortcoming which makes navigating on the web a complicated process. That's why, in the development of our web site, we have tried to contribute in an efficient form to the reduction of the barriers of accessibility and designed a web site that is accessible for the largest possible number of users.

Steps taken

EIn line with this objective among the principle measures adopted are the following:


We have tried to achieve a logical and intuitive navigation throughout the site , applying the same structure on all the pages:

  • Links from the main navigation bar to the main pages of the web site.
  • A side menu located to the left that shows the available options in every page.
  • A menu at the bottom of the page with webs and secondary options.
  • A central area that indicates at all times to the user in what page or sub-section they are the information contained there.

Keyboard short cuts

The keyboard short cuts or accesskey are key combinations that permit access to the contents of the web site in a direct way without the need to use the mouse.

The method of activating the keyboard short cuts depends on the operating system and on the navigator. The most frequent are:

  • In Windows, with navigators Internet Explorer, the following key combination is required : ALT + SHORTCUT KEY + ENTER
  • In Windows, with the Mozilla navigators, the following key combination is required : ALT + SHORTCUT KEY
  • In Windows, with Firefox 2.0: ALT + SHIFT + SHORTCUT KEY
  • In MAC, the keys sequence is: CTRL + SHORTCUT KEY
  • This web site can be navigated using the following keyboard short cuts
  • Key 0-> Direct access or short cut to the front page
  • Key 1-> Direct access to the section: "About Us"

NB: Netscape 4, Camino, Galleon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari (low versions 1.2), Opera Windows/Linux (versions lower than 7.0) do not support the keyboard short cuts.


All links that are used contain a description by means of the attribute "title", indicating in a clear manner the destination of the link.

As far as possible we have tried to avoid the use of links that lead to javascript applications.

Visual design

This web site uses style sheets in cascade (CSS) to present the information, facilitating its access and correct visualization in different environments.


All the images contain a brief description, by use of "alt", "longdesc" or "title".

Images that are used only as decoration have no text description.


The size of type fonts used have been chosen so that they may be adjusted by the end user so as to facilitate the reading of the contents of the web site.

To increase or to reduce the text size, the following action is required :

  • In most navigators,access the menu "Page" or "View".
  • Select "Text Size ".
  • Select the preferred option.

We have tested the correct visualisation of this web site in the latest versions of the principle navigators ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,Chrome).

Nevertheless, we know that the mere fact of complying with all these criteria does not necessarily ensure that access to our web contents is easy. That's why, should you experience any difficulties please send your suggestions to the following email address:

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