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Scholarships & interships

If you are finishing your studies why not consider Azkoyen as a Group that can provide professional experience for you in different working environments, either national or international.

In Azkoyen you will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of professionals who will help you apply the knowledge you have acquired to date. Every student has a tutor in the Company, whose task is to act as support during the internship and contribute to their further education. At the end of the internship the student has the opportunity to evaluate their experience from reception until completion of the programme and comment on their development during their time with the company.

  • Professional training -Internships: Available to people over 18 years who fulfil the necessary requirements.
  • University Internship: Remunerated for young people with languages, from 3 months up to one year duration with different educational entities: Universities, Business Schools, etc.
  • Scholarships for University Graduates:
    • Remunerated for university students (that comply with foreign language knowledge requirements): from 3 months up to one year with different educational and university related entities.
    • Remunerated for engineers (that comply with foreign language knowledge requirements): from 6 months up to one year in order to develop and complete a qualifying project applied in a corporate industrial environment.